Freidon Rasul is a Germany based Afghan artist who is very busy with performing in weddings all over Europe. He has also given many concerts which were very successful. In Afghanistan after having finished his high school, he worked in Afghan Film with the great Afghan film director Engineer Latiff and has palyed in many films. Some of them could not be released due to the situation in Afghanistan. He has also performed in many school  concerts and in universities(Gemnasium Politechniek-e-Kabul) with Farid Rastagar, Akbar Nekzaad, and many others as a singer and musician. Being very interested in music and having such a nice voice, this talented artist begun with his music carrier again in Germany after he was forced to leave home because of the civilwar.
He is the first Afghan artist who started to sing the Afghan "mahali" songs with the pop music of today, and this is also one of the reasons of his success.
He is now working on his new album which he is going to release very soon.